An app to enhance the wellness of your mind & quality of life

A life-changing personal approach


Learn how to live consciously throughout the day and be mindful in all activities from eating, reading, talking and so on by exploring our mindful exercises.


Practice meditation depending on your needs using our wide variety of programmes aimed specifically for aspects like anxiety, stress, memory, focus and more.


Sleep better and more restfully by using our specific sleep meditations, and by increasing overall peace and calm by meditating every day.

A life-changing personal approach

Unlike other applications, Live Life aims at a holistic approach to mindfulness and mental well being. We believe that meditation helps better both mental and physical health and we also believe that physical problems when dealt with directly will improve mental health. Hence, we not only offer a variety of meditation and mindfulness exercises but also offer sessions to better physical health with a focus on body image issues, weight management, smoking problems and others. The holistic and dual outlook is what makes us unique.


Practicing meditation on a regular basis has shown a decrease in stress levels by 60%. Get ready to learn the art of staying calm during stressful times.

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Improve Self Focus - Mediation App


Self esteem or self focus has shown an improvement by 22% with regular mindfulness exercises. Learn to boost your self-confidence and increase the efficiency of completing tasks in your daily routine using our meditation practices. We are here to help you take care of yourself.


Sleep cycles have shown a 100% improvement in quality. Moreover, people who were on sleep medication showed a 91% decrease in dependency on these medications by just making meditation a habit. A good night’s sleep is everyone’s basic right.

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