about us

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to promote the overall, holistic growth of mind and body to ensure a better, happier and healthier lifestyle.

Our Goal

Our goal is to achieve mental peace by training the mind against various mental issues like stress, anxiety, trouble concentrating, overthinking, and so on.

Our Approach

Our scientific research and approach shows that by overcoming these mental issues, we can promote physical well being as well in that it lowers blood pressure, body inflammatory responses, and increases energy and motivation.

Improving physical health

Our approach is not limited to mind first – body follows. We also believe in improving physical health and its consequent benefits on mental health. This is why we have specific programs and guided practices to specially promote physical wellbeing. These programs are aimed at a variety of problems including pain management, body image issues, weight management, practices to help quit smoking, practices to help battle insomnia and so on. By achieving the desired results for the body, we believe, that the mind can reach new levels of calmness, peace, and mindfulness.

Make all minds enjoy

We aim to make all minds enjoy the present by being fully aware of the moment they are in and experiencing all senses in the present with utmost attention and clarity. We aim to make you experience the most, out of the place you are in, the people you are with, the emotions of the present, and so on. Along with this, we aim to permanently delete the words like stress, insomnia, anxiety, overthinking and such negative thoughts and emotions from your vocabulary.