Finding meaning

5 Tips To Help You Find Meaning In Your Life

Every day we deal with the challenges of modern life. Have you noticed how much our lives revolve around things we don’t enjoy doing? Ever thought about how much online information you consume per day? 

Modern living keeps you so busy that you lose your sense of self in the process. It is because of this that you feel as if life has no meaning to it. To make things better for all of us, I discuss different ways of finding meaning. 

While dealing with the pressures of the modern world, it is important to go easy on oneself and keep doing things that add meaning to your life. 

Here, I will walk through interesting points that will help you lead a meaningful life. So, let us begin.

1) Practice gratitude

As Eckhart Tolle rightly said, “acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance”. Due to busy lives, we forget the value of what we already have. There are many reasons why you should practice gratitude. For one, gratitude can make you happy, and you enjoy experiences in life. To practice gratitude, write about things you feel thankful for in a journal—practice self-reflection. Ask yourself questions like, ‘what made you smile today?’, ‘what act of kindness did you see today? This sort of question will keep reminding you of things that you have. 

2) Keep reading

After a point, work-life starts to feel boring. Monotony sets in, and you lose the sense of purpose. To prevent all this from happening, you need some excitement and change in life. It would help if you had new meanings to perceive life in a different manner. So, where do you find new meanings? In books. Yes, it is time to head to the library. As you read, you feel for the characters in the books. In the process, you embrace new perspectives and find new meanings.

3) Accept appreciation

It is good to know how much people value you because we often forget to appreciate ourselves. For example, take my case; sometimes, I don’t know what I am doing here at my office and why I am working like this. No, I love my job, but boredom sets in at times. By talking to other friends, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who felt like this. So, how do we pull ourselves out of this meaninglessness? One thing we can do is listen to what others have got to say about us. For instance, recall your boss’s words of appreciation for your fantastic work. Remember that one time when your best friend told you she was thankful to have you in her life. When you keep recollecting moments such as these, you regain a sense of meaning. 

4) Understand your community

To find the meaning of life, it is essential to observe the people around you. Think about questions like, do I share a common purpose with my family? Do I agree with their idea of purpose? If I am different from them, then what is my purpose? When you ask such questions, you get clarity about what you seek. 

5) Do what you love

Step back from your daily routine and think about things that you enjoy doing. Do you like painting? Do you enjoy going to the gym? Are you passionate about adventure sports? Keep believing, and you will find important answers as to what keeps you motivated in life; if you cannot figure out what stuff interests you, I suggest that you use a journal and make day-to-day observations about your everyday activities. As you keep writing, you will find out what you are passionate about.


It is a busy world out there, and it is natural to lose ourselves. Therefore, it is vital to keep looking for meaning in life. For instance, you can practice gratitude daily, read many books, find your favorite hobbies, etc. These practices will make your life a lot more meaningful than you can ever imagine. 

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