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How To Craft The Best Daily Routine & Stick To It

I distinctly remember all my unfinished tasks from my daily routine. I mean, there were so many of them. Despite all the enthusiasm, why do we fail to stick to our daily routine? It is essential to think about creating the best daily routine and sticking to it for our good. 

Why Your Daily Routine Is Failing

Let us look at possible reasons causing us to falter from our daily routine.

1) Having Too Many Things On Your Plate 

You are just a human being. Due to excitement, you make the mistake of pursuing too many goals. However, this newfound excitement dies within a few weeks, and you struggle to devote enough time and energy to accomplish all your objectives. 

To tackle this problem of pursuing too much, it is crucial to resist the temptation of holding on to more goals than you can handle. Instead, you need to ask critical questions and evaluate whether the goal is worth pursuing or not. For starters, you can ask questions like

1. How important is this goal for me? 

2. Do I have enough time and energy for accomplishing this goal? 

3. Can I break down this significant goal into small and manageable goals?

Once you evaluate using these questions, you can decide for yourself and eliminate inessential goals. 

2) Monotony Sets In

After zeroing in on essential goals, what if you feel bored about pursuing them at a later point? Yes, it is a fact that monotony sets in while you follow a daily routine. To avoid monotony, craft a fun daily routine plan. Here are simple steps to help you with that.

Step 1: Make it fun

Remember, the daily routine is not a military drill. While following a routine, you don’t have to be so precise and careful. In other words, leave some time out for fun in your daily planner. Take some time out for a weekend outing with friends or dinner with family.

Step 2: Reinvent plans

If you go through the same routine over and over again, you will get bored. From time to time, reinvent your daily routine and challenge yourself. If you can stick to the habit of waking up at 6:00 a.m, push yourself and try to wake up at 5:30 a.m. By reinventing your routine, you can fight monotony. 

Step 3: Allow improvisations

What if I have to go jogging for an hour, but I feel bored doing that? Do I skip this habit altogether? No, I must improvise. Instead of jogging, I can go for a swim. The next time you feel bored, bring in some variation in your daily routine.

3) Failure Of Environment

At times, you give up on habits due to a poor environment. For instance, if you have unhealthy food stocked up in your fridge, you will find it difficult to diet. Overall, it is vital to make it a point to redesign your environment for sticking to habits. Here, I provide you with a few examples of how to redesign your environment. 

  1. If you want to include exercise in your daily routine, make sure to pack your gym clothes the night before. Good preparation will motivate you not to quit the gym. 
  2. Suppose you want to inculcate a reading habit. First, make a list of the most recommended books. You can also place a book by your bed to develop the inclination to read before falling asleep. 

Just two examples are more than enough to show you that the environment is vital for crafting an effective daily routine. 

How To Stick To Your Daily Routine

At this point, you can analyze your daily routine and find out why it isn’t working. Once you craft an effective routine, it is essential to learn more about sticking to it. Building and sticking to an effective routine is important, and it drastically changes your lifestyle for the better.

1) Be on time

Whichever habits are part of your daily routine, ensure that you practice them around the same time every day. When you perform the habits in specific timings over and over again, you will automatically do them without much effort. So, you will stick to your daily routine easily. 

2) Track your progress 

Keep a calendar and track your progress as you complete the tasks every day. Whenever you complete the tasks, cross them out in the calendar. Since most of us don’t like to see a blank spot in our calendar, we will try to perform the tasks every day without fail. 

3) Reward yourself

A good impetus for sticking to a daily routine is to reward yourself. For example, if your goal is to clean the bed every night, reward yourself with a good dinner after accomplishing the goal.


It is essential to evaluate and understand why you are not able to stick to a daily routine. Boredom setting in, too many tasks, failure of the environment are some reasons daily routines can fail. The solutions for creating the best daily routines include prioritizing your goals, reinventing your routine, and creating a conducive environment for your goals. 

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